Friday, April 27, 2012

Willing Puppets ...and fangirling

So, the Jester has started a game. Again.
Unfortunately, I'm too dumb to help out by solving anything.
Anyways, it kind of made me wonder. Is the idea of those games coming from the Wooden Girl or from her servants? Does she make them set up those games or does she basically just want people to end up dead?
I think the answers to those questions would tell us at least a bit more about how the Wooden Girl works...
Or maybe I'm just too stupid to see the obvious answer.

Now to the fangirling... I saw that Proxiehunter is following this blog. I have to say, I squealed in joy. Is that bad? I hope not.
Also, alliterator said this blog might be interesting! Yay!
Thanks y'all :3

Hopefully I find something interesting to say on here soon ^_^'

Anyways, thanks for listening to my crazy random thoughts, questions, ramblings and fangirl moments.


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